TICK tracker for extreme sports

27. 1. 2021

Our wireless GPS tracker TICK can be used for a wide range of applications and in very difficult conditions. One of our partners, Backwatch Safety Products based in Wales, have told us an original story from one of their customers who is using the TICK tracker and which has shown the versatility and durability of this.

John Price was planning to take part in the Ironman Barcelona triathlon in October but unfortunately the event was cancelled due to the COVID-19 virus. John did not want to let months of training and preparation go to waste and so he decided to complete the full distance of the Ironman triathlon but alone and in his home country. He also used this to raise money for the local National Coast watch Institution.

John uses his TICK tracker whenever he goes out on long runs/rides/swims and on October 4th,2020 he had TICK with him throughout the completion of his ironman performance. This consisted of a sea swim of 2.4 miles (where TICK was placed inside a luminous swim float), a bike course of 112 miles and a run of 26.2 miles. Friends and family were able to monitor John´s location in real time throughout the ironman performance via the TICK tracker mobile application and so could give John support at points along the route.

We congratulate John on his performance and wish him every success in future triathlons.


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