NAM system has been creating advanced technologies since 1990. Our focus is on security applications. Thousands of satisfied customers are the proof of our long-term commitment and devotion.    

We are a member of societies that support education and business in the area of information and communication technologies – IT Cluster and BT Cluster (Safety and Security technology Cluster). As a member of ČKBS (Czech Club of Security Services) we are well informed about new trends in the field of safety and security services.

We continuously support educational projects and technology development at local schools. We cooperate on projects run by the Technical University of Ostrava and the University of Tomáš Baťa in Zlín. Our educational curriculum for students of vocational schools with focus on NAM monitoring technologies helps with applying their academic knowledge in practice.

We offer technologies and services designated for surveillance and monitoring of stationary and mobile assets. The hardware and software used in our product branches – Alarm Receiving Centres, communication devices for data transfer and GPS monitoring system – are based on own technologies.

Among our most successful products are GPS monitoring unit for vehicles, web portal for vehicle management –, application for agricultural machinery utilization, driving style and ONI economy, 1Box – technologies for monitoring centres, REGGAE communicators, NSG communication network, GLOBAL and GLOBAL2 radio network.

Our main solutions and products are:

logo_NAM_technologyIn this product branch we focus on developing technologies for monitoring and receiving centres, asset, people and technology monitoring.

ONI-systemThis department focuses on developing hardware and software for monitoring vehicles and various mobile assets.



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