TICK GPS tracker for monitoring the movements of people

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TICK is a portable GPS tracker that can be used for many purposes. One of these is for monitoring people that we need to know the whereabouts of. This could be children, your employees, adrenalin fanatics or race competitors.

It works simply. Just charge the tracker and then put it into the backpack, bag, etc. of the monitored person so that they have it with them at all times. On the mobile application you can then see where they are and where they are going.

TICK allows the detailed monitoring of a person´s movements. Their position is sent regularly. You can see where the person is or you can display the exact route that they have taken. The battery endurance and regularity of recharging depends on how long and how often a person is moving.

You can also use the tracker for long outings and trips where there is no access to electricity and where it is not possible to regularly recharge the tracker. Out in the mountains for example. The tracker can be set to send its position only once every 12 or 24 hours for example in which case battery endurance is longer. This depends on the regularity of position sending that you have set.

TICK is easily set and operated via the TICK tracker mobile application.

Usages of the TICK tracker

  • Monitoring children, seniors
  • Monitoring patrol routes taken by employees
  • Organizing people in the field (police, security agencies)
  • Organizing sporting events (bicycle races, boat races, etc.)
  • Monitoring free–time activities (skiing, water sports, mountain hiking, bike/motorcycle riding)

The main advantages of the GPS device

  • The device is portable – you can give it to various people/employees/competitors depending on who you currently need to monitor
  • Simple operation via the mobile application
  • No fixing/installation needed
  • 24/7 control centre support
  • Long battery endurance in comparison with other devices on the market
  • Excellent GPS sensitivity for capturing positions
  • The device includes a SIM card and so works straight from the box

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