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Communication solution suitable for transferring and receiving of data over the telephone lines, internet, in GSM network and on private radio frequencies. 

Messages from assets could be transferred to the monitoring controlling via the following systems:

  • GLOBAL and GLOBAL 2 radio network – unique cell communication systems on the frequency of 400 – 470 MHz.

The GLOBAL private radio network consists of Collecting stations (retranslation) which are distributed within an area that requires a radio coverage as mutually communicating cells. The GLOBAL 2 network is suitable for large agglomerations with thousands of assets. The private radio networks are ideal alternative to GSM networks and are suited to assets with high risks.

  • NSG network – a solution for internet communication (LAN/WAN) and for transfers within GSM networks (GPRS/UMTS/LTE/SMS).

NSG network combines all communication lines based on the internet and mobile networks. For this network NAM system produces and provides communicators. The rarity of this solution is in the fact that all the data are transferred from the communicators into NAM technology centre and forwarded to the monitoring control room. All related performance is supervised and monitored by technical support 24/7.

  • TF 98P telephone card – receiving messages via public telephone line.

The TF 98P card is suitable for the communication from assets equipped by security systems connected to a telephone line. This device can receive all usual communication formats (4+2, CID, etc.).

Advantages of using NAM system communications routes

  • All solutions are developed for security applications and they also cover the highest risks through a combination of multiple communication channels.
  • Data traffic is economical considering both the volume of transferred data and the costs of the operating of these solutions.

  • NSG Network Services can be used immediately after installation of the receiver. Therefore it is not necessary to deal with the SIM cards, etc.
  • Technologies can be rented you will get all as service, including permanently available experts on these technologies.


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