• Provide your residents with a greater feeling of security and arrange a reliable system of emergency protection for your organization. Thanks to our hardware and software, your residents will be able to simply call for help if they need it. We can offer a wide range of panic buttons, panic strips or sensors.
  • Make the work of your personnel more effective and protect against unnecessary confusion. When providing care and help, speed is the most important factor. Thanks to the HelpCare software, the sister on duty will be notified immediately, via the mobile application, that a specific resident has pressed a panic button. The sister can take responsibility for resolving the alarm and all other personnel in the application can see that the resident is being taken care of.
  • Take care of your residents even when they are moving outside – on a walk or trip they can also feel safe. Using our GPS pendant, they can call for help by pressing the SOS button. Information of the alarm raised, the owner of the pendant and their last GPS position is displayed on the mobile application of the personnel on duty within several seconds.
  • Have an overview of events that have occurred during a chosen period. Overviews and reports provide you with important information – what situations occurred and who/how they were resolved.
  • Are your personnel caring for your residents as they should be? You can convince yourself about this easily. Each activity carried out by personnel (cleaning, washing, shopping) can be read via a NFC chip and transferred into the application – this gives you a clear overview of all tasks completed. This can be used for controlling or as the basis for financial accounting of services provided.
  • Do your personnel have to deal with difficult residents? Do they sometimes feel threatened? Protect them using SOS buttons or the GPS pendant – they will be able to call for help if difficulties occur.
  • Make administrating and protecting your property easier. By means of the 1Box monitoring system and installed communicators and sensors either you or the ARC of your security agency can monitor whether something wrong is happening at a building and then solve these alarm situations. You can gain an immediate overview of the status of monitored buildings and see details of how all previous alarm situations were resolved. You will know immediately about movements of unauthorized persons in forbidden areas. This allows you to guard against break-ins or theft.
  • Monitor the occurrence of fires in your buildings – thanks to the fire system connected to the ARC you can see immediately where a fire has broken out. The security guards at the building can immediately pinpoint the location of the fire and can resolve it quickly.
  • Have vehicles out in the field under your control. You will be able to see where they are, how many kilometres they have travelled or if they have been somewhere where they should not have been. Identify vehicle drivers – using chips you will always know exactly who drove a vehicle, where they were and how they drove the vehicle. 
  • Guard against the theft of your vehicles. GPS devices fixed inside a vehicle send immediate SMS and e-mail notifications about theft of the vehicle, theft of wheels, towing away or car-park accidents.
  • Generate automatic logbooks – prepare, confirm and invoice trips for accounting.

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