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The main responsibility of the police and army is the safety and security of people and property. In order to carry out a successful intervention the rescue or fire services need quick and precise information about the effected object or an unauthorized movement of the intruders.

We provide technologies that allow for monitoring objects, reacting quickly to accidents at the moment of its origin or even for preventing it. Our systems provide maximum useful information that could be used to better evaluate the seriousness of the intervention and threfore to decide where, when and how to intervene.

Czech Police

Make the work of police and army easier

We provide solutions that can help prevent damages on the property and the health of citizens. We offer products and services for:


  • Remote object monitoring – have non-stop information on the monitored objects statuses and possible intrusions by connecting them to 1Box® alarm receiving centre. Monitor objects and manage alarms from various sensors, cameras and electronic fire and alarm systems.
  • Safety and monitoring of patrol services – use mobile emergency devices and GPS trackers to obtain information about the movement of monitored people and their current positions. In case of emergency the monitored person can use a panic button to call for help.
  • Monitoring of movement of armed services vehicles operating within secured areas or in an open space. The GPS and radio units placed in individual vehicles send information about the vehicle movement and other statuses. The controlling operator can see positions of the vehicles, where they are going, when they are arriving and how long they have stayed there. The operator can efficiently and remotely coordinate police or army vehicles out in the field.

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