Monitoring of handling machinery

The owners of industrial areas always need to lower expenses related to operating and servicing of pallet truck and forklifts.

They need to optimize their machinery fleet continuously, improve its utilitation and make sure the drivers handle all machines with care.

Utilize technologies for handling machinery

  • Monitor the usage of the handling machinery. Supervise the drivers‘ behaviour while driving and handling the machinery. Have good overview of the trip times, number of trips, identify drivers and the way they handle the equipment, recognize accidents and impact intensity. Lower the wear and tear and service costs. Increase the productivity by proper machinery utilization and by improving the work safety.
  • Prevent unauthorized manipulation with a forklift and other equipment. Use immobilization feature so the driver has to identify himself by using a special tag. Only trained personnel are therefore allowed to handle the machinery.
  • Monitor the forklift utilization and the daily active time. How effectively do you utilize your forklifts? Do you optimize the run of your fleet and your handling machinery?
  • Use various reports with detailed information, have good overview of the forklifts‘ utilization, number of forklifts necessary for one shift, how long are the forklifts operating and how quickly they can charge.
  • Plan the vehicle servicing and battery recharging and lower the related costs.  Minimize outages and limit idling time. Monitor the capacity and the voltage of the forklift battery.
  • The service button allows for immediate reporting of the forklift malfunction. Speed up the service department reaction time.
  • Work with data in API format obtained by the GPS unit in the vehicle. Process the relevant data in ONI system portal ( as well as in your information system.
  • Are the forklifts used by the right department? Set zones to limit the movement of your machinery. In case the machine leaves a predefined zone, an SMS or/and e-mail is generated to notify the responsible person about the situation. Prevent unauthorised usage and needless wear and tear.


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